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Our Policies

Enviroment Policy

As Denizli Rateks Tekstil, Our company implements the production activities while increasing the quality of life without damaging the nature and for this purpose; Responsible for the protection of the environment, conforms to environmental management and environmental safety issues and related standards and laws, uses products that aren’t harmful to the environment, considers natural resources and saves energy.

Quality Policy

Our goal is to have a continuous development approach with our common partnerships and efforts of our employees who are in compliance with the principles of quality and textile safety. We offer our products in the most economical and highest quality at the desired term and provide environmentally friendly products and services. We keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. We make customer’s expectations in the best way and consider production one-time zero error principle. We deliver to our customers on time and from this point we place all our employees’ quality consciousness using the most effective methods in training, We protect the health of our employees, We always aim to be a leading company in the sector by ensuring compliance with the standards for continuous improvement of our systems. We invest in technological innovations, we adapted to move forward in all areas of our competitiveness, we are constantly concerned with our R & D and P & D operations. We are committed to working with all of our employees through regular social compliance trainings and effective motivation methods, not individual but team spirit, and always keep the integrity and combine it with quality.

Social Compliance Policy

Denizli Rateks Tekstil is determined to take the right steps in all its activities to ensure that the system is carried out in the most efficient manner within the scope of BSCI on-site social compliance and behavior rules. In line with this determination; Take responsibility for the protection of the environment, Forced labor and the prohibition of child labor, Continue to work for occupational health and safety, Respect the social rights and freedoms of our employees,
Against discrimination, fighting against bribery and corruption.

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