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GH GOLDSTAR Textile Weaving

Designer And Manufacturers of Towels, Bathrobes, Homeware and Nursery

Our missioni s, we will be the main partner for the world’s foremost reputable names in delivering high quality, unique, tailor made solutions and designs. We will go with passion beyond traditional industry standards and bring innovation, establish reliable solutions, take care about our planet and our employees to make the difference.

To be a leader in Home Textile sector by investing in people and technology and producing highest quality products at lowest cost.
• Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level, bringing quality to the highest level.
• Being friends with nature and creating and spreading environmental awareness.
• To undertake social responsibilities, to reflect these to the conscious employees, to be a model company in activities that are useful to collect.
• Acting with the principle of “Human Values First” and leading other companies.
• Adopting social compliance principles and adopting them to our employees.


Gold Star
Woven Textile

Our Denizli based company combines traditional experience with modern and technical methods and export towels, robes, homeware & nursery to World's notable markets. Producing for World's foremost reputable names, our company prides herself with the uncompromising application of European and American standards on quality, experience and customer service.

Denizli Rateks & Goldstar is one of Turkey's most modern toweling factories that have dobby and jacquard weaving looms together with embroidery machines and automated Eton Confection systems.

Our company which has great expertise and proficiency in foreign markets since 1994, is also addressing the demand for domestic trade in recent years.

Our aim is to further enhance our understanding of-service with quality - by increasing our productivity with the help of our world-class team in order to provide products with the best quality, price and delivery according to our customer requests and expectations.